Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dialing for Dinner

A lovely view in Cascade, Idaho.
After 8 days, 6 cities, 3 states, two 10 hour flights and 1,000+ miles driving in a car through the great state of Idaho, I’m back. Nick and I spent the last week in the U.S. on a whirlwind tour visiting friends and family who promptly wore us out by dishing out great stories, stuffing us silly with American favorites, and showing us a truly terrific time in general. Just take a look at the incredible view to the right.

We landed at Findel yesterday morning and, by some minor miracle (i.e. a four hour afternoon nap); I actually managed to muster the energy to cook dinner last night. Because usually after returning home from any kind of out of town trip, this House Frau is first in line to suggest that we order in for dinner. So frequently, actually, that I’m a little embarrassed to tell you that I’m pretty sure the guys at Royal Bengal know my regular order.

Anyway, it took me a little while after moving here to discover that we actually could order food for delivery in Luxembourg, so I thought I’d share my growing list of restaurants that offer home delivery with those of you who are new to Luxembourg Ville. It’s so nice to have the option to not cook on those nights when you’re just back from a trip, when it’s raining, when walking around the corner to pick up take out just seems too far to walk, when it’s Wednesday…you catch my drift.

Royal Bengal
You can order food from Royal Bengal for delivery through Delivery.lu above, or you can call them directly to place your order (45 57 41). An online version of their menu is available here. They speak perfect English and they’re pretty fast when it comes to delivery. (I'm addicted to their chicken tikka massala and their chicken shahi korma.) There is a €20 minimum on orders here as well and a 10% surcharge for delivery. Also note that they accept Lunch Pass as payment.

The Rice Table
The Rice Table serves a blend of Asian cuisine. The restaurant itself has a good lunch special of two courses for 9,90€ (you can view the weekly menu du jour on their web site), and it’s worth going because the women who run the place are so incredibly nice. I’ve only ordered delivery once but was delighted to find that they were very fast and there is no additional fee for delivery. The delivery menu is listed online here but you’ll need to call to place your order (46 52 88).

Sushi Shop
Screen shot from SushiShop.lu. Begin your order in
the section I've circled on the left.
Sushi Shop, located in Place d’Armes, offers home delivery. Browse their web site (in French) to order food online either for take away or for home delivery. I haven’t ordered their food yet for delivery, but I have eaten at the restaurant and have enjoyed my meal every time (the Flower Power spring roll is tasty and fun).

I haven’t eaten at Namaste yet, but I’ve heard their food is very good and it seems easy to order online. They offer Nepalese and Indian cuisine and offer food for take away or delivery. According to their site, they’ll deliver to your home, your office, or to a pub…so, the next time you’re out enjoying a pint, you can make everyone jealous with the smell of your just-delivered dinner. Browse their delivery menu and place your order online here.

I stumbled in to Takajo one day after French class when I was in search of something to eat after 2pm. I'm glad I did because I had a perfectly satisfying bento box. And I found out that they deliver (lunch only). You can order platters of sushi from options that feed 1-2 or 2-3 people, single servings of sushi, maki, nigiri and sashimi, and take your pick from two kinds of bento boxes. For delivery to your home or office, your order has to be over 18€ and you can order online by e-mailing Takajo.livraison@pt.lu or by calling them at 26 25 81 09. I've scanned their menu and you can find it at this link.

Screen shot from mister-resto.com.
Sadly, Delivery.lu has closed its doors, but there's still a way to order meals online from home, via Mister-Resto.com. I haven't used this site yet, but it seems fairly straightforward and allows you to place orders for meals to be delivered either today or tomorrow. Questions about delivery area aren't a concern here, either, as the site gives a full list of towns and neighborhoods within Luxembourg Ville and, in theory, only offers you options for restaurants that will deliver to your neighborhood.

A Longer List
I stumbled on a web page that offers a compiled list of Luxembourg Ville restaurants that offer food for home delivery. To be honest, I’m not sure how frequently the site is updated, but you might find a few more options by clicking through some of the links compiled here. Worth bookmarking, at least.

Screen shot from the expanded search option on Explorator.lu.
You might find a few more restaurants both in Luxembourg Ville and throughout the country that offer home delivery on Explorator.lu. On their web site, click on “Plus d’options” and when the expanded search options appear, click on the box with the word “Livraison” on the right side of the page, then click “Chercher”. In theory, all of the restaurants that will appear below as a result of your search will offer delivery.

Help me grow this list! 
What other restaurants have you found in Lux Ville that offer delivery? Please comment below or e-mail me at luxemblogger@gmail.com. Be sure to include the restaurant name, a link to their site, and any ordering recommendations you might have and I’ll add it to this post. 

Bon appétit!


  1. Your blog is so useful, thank you!
    There's a few delivery places I can add to the list (can you tell I'm pretty lazy!)

    Everest restaurant: http://www.restauranteverest.com/ Indian restaurant on 8, rue Bender (in the Gare area). My favourite Indian restaurant in Luxembourg. Their online ordering service is under development as of now but until then you can just give them a call.

    Bel Canto: http://www.belcanto.lu/main_livraison.php Italian restaurant in Belair, great pizzas and pasta.

    Simply Thai: http://simplythai.lu/ Thai restaurant, lovely dishes.

  2. The food at Namaste is lovely! I ordered the Cicken Korma there and it wIas delicious and bf ordered the chicken saag and it was really really good (I never thought I'd see the day where I thought a Spinach dish wa sreally good)

    also on the same street is another indian restaurant called Taj Mahal (I need to doubvlbe check) I like that restaurant too and the staff are lovely, plus it feels cosier and brighter in there!

    I know of other places I've bene but need to double check name sfor you first! I just get sidetracked by the amazing food!

    question: is there a restriction on distance for delivery? Im assuming the closer you are to lux city the easier is to get food delivered but just wondering in general?

  3. Thanks so much for adding these restaurants, guys! Chele, your question is a really good one - I should have included delivery restrictions in the original post. Let me do a little research next week and I'll update the post with what I find out.

  4. Love this! I just moved here from NYC and have been dying for delivery. I will try each of these.

  5. Namaste is my go too for Indian delivery - I always order online. But it can take up to 2 hours on a Friday/Saturday - I live in Sandweiler and they tend to 'save' orders up. But as long as you know that and you order as soon as you get in from work - that's OK!

    Il Piccolo Mondo, Cents is good for pizza and pasta. Again, they deliver out to Sandweiler and into the city too (use them at work and home). Tel: 42 86 61 - delivery usually in 30 -45 mins.

    Jade Garden (Chinese) in Hamm also deliver to the burbs - great service and usually comes within 30 mins. Tel: 26 68 34 31.

    The Sawesdee Cafe (Thai), Bonnevoie doesn't deliver but does do take away if you go pick-up. Tel: 26 12 39 08

    Haven't tried these guys yet - www.noodle-restaurant.com - apparently they deliver locally and also available to pickup. Let me know if anyone has tried them!

  6. Just an update, http://delivery.lu/ is closed/shutdown. Maybe the blog should be updated, Jessica ?

  7. Thanks for the heads up, G. That's too bad, I just ordered from them fairly recently.

  8. Looking like Home Restaurants Service is out of business now, too. If you've ordered from them recently, will you send me a note? If they're still in business, I'll re-add them to the list above.

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  10. Thank you for the tips, Jessica! I was looking for Indian take away and came across your blog - it's really useful.
    I can add to your list Planet Pizza - it's in Bonnevoie and their pizzas are much better than the others I've tried from brochures from my post box :) They also make great salads in taco crust. I don't like their tortillas though. You can order by giving them a call or via Mr-Resto

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