Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday Funday: Women’s World Cup & Wine (July 17)

It’s never really too early to start thinking about the weekend, is it? 

(I didn’t think so.)

I just hope you’ve recovered your voice from cheering (or jeering) during the exciting Germany v. Japan and Brazil v. USA women’s football matches over last weekend, because you’ve got more cheering/jeering to do this week.

But, if football isn’t your thing, maybe you’re in the mood for a wine festival this weekend?  

Or, maybe you're interested in both? I am, too. So, read on...

Éiner Wënzerdag (Ehnen Wine Day)
View the event program here.
(in Luxembourgish)
While most of Luxembourg’s wine festivals typically take place in August and September, you’ll get an early taste of fun this Sunday (July 17) in Ehnen at the annual Éiner Wënzerdag.  

A small parade will take place in the morning, but the real wine festival takes place from 2pm onward. There will be music, performances, children’s activities and stands selling food, wine, crémant and the always potent eau de vie throughout the entire town. The tourist office also tells me that while wine will be flowing at wine stands on every street, wineries will also be open to visitors. A public viewing of the Tour de France will also be shown on a large screen outside of the cultural center, Centre Maurice Senninger (11 rue Mathias Wellenstein).

Your best bet for getting there and back from Luxembourg Ville is on bus 150. Pick it up at Boulevard F.D. Roosevelt and exit the bus at Ehnen-Bromelt or Ehnen-Ieselsbreck. (Click here to search the bus schedule online.)

Public Viewing: Women’s World Cup
Semi-Finals, July 13: The Women’s World Cup Semi-Finals take place tomorrow night, Wednesday, July 13. There are no official public viewings planned, so, take in the match at home on Eurosport or head to a café. The France v. USA game starts at 6pm and Japan v. Sweden begins at 8:45pm.

Click here to view the program.
(in German & English)
Final & public viewing, July 17: The Final match is scheduled for this Sunday night (July 17). But don’t watch it at home! Pack a picnic and watch it live in the park, instead.

A large screen will be set up in the Kinnekswiss, the large, grassy field at the top of the city park (near the Fondation Pescatore bus stop). The event will be wheelchair accessible and there will be an additional screen displaying subtitles for the hearing impaired. (More info here.) Food and beverages will be available for purchase at the event.

Kickoff for the Women’s World Cup Final is at 8:45pm, but gather in the park from 7pm onward and you’ll be treated to a pre-game “show” of interviews with Luxembourg football players (in Luxembourgish), as well as game commentary and analysis. The game will be broadcast in German, but you can rest assured that it will be a good football match, no matter what language you speak.

If it’s raining, the event will be canceled. Keep your fingers crossed for sunny weather on Sunday!  


  1. I tried this before and messed it up, so I'm trying again. The U.S. women played great but missed too many opportunities.

    How is your French coming? I took one semester in college (disaster) and two in grad school because I had to prove I could read French. Fortunately the test wasn't oral.

    When are your folk and Brett coming?


  2. Hi Terry,
    Thanks for the note! French is coming along slowly but surley, but classes have just wrapped up for the summer. I'll start back in the fall. Brett was here and just left yesterday - I'll send you an e-mail!